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 Global Compliance Network- Mandatory Trainings

To access for the first time:

1. Go the www.gcntraining.com and click Login at the top center

2. Click "New User - I do not have a Personal ID" and then click Next

3. Enter the Organization ID:  103599p and then Submit

4. Enter your First name, Last name, and email address and click Submit

5. You will be prompted to set your username.  You may choose whatever you can remember, then click submit

6. A screen will come up that shows your job title and school.  Click Submit to move to the homepage of the program. 

7. All mandatory tutorials will be listed on the left side of the page on the Required tutorials tab.  Some are full tutorials and the time to complete will be listed when you click on the tutorial name.  Others (those that say -Phillipsburg) are specific school district policies that will require you to click on a link to view the policy on our school district website, and then return to the GCN tab to certify that you have read the policy.  Other modules are available for your viewing by clicking on Optional Tutorials tab.  

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