Phillipsburg School District Education Center 445 Marshall St. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 908-454-3400 CENTRAL OFFICE ADMINISTRATION & STAFF DIRECTORY Office of the Superintendent908-213-2500 George M. Chando, Superintendent Lorraine Mainhart, Superintendent's Secretary Terri Ostile, Receptionist908-454-3400 Office of the Assistant Superintendent 908-213-2400 Marian L. Trapani, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent Tonette Simonetta, Secretary Office of the Director of Planning, Research & Evaluation908-213-2452 Staci Horne, Director of Planning, Research & Evaluation Barbara Kolasinski, Secretary908-213-2452 Terry Patti, Secretary908-213-2451 Cathy Baker, Central Registration Secretary908-213-2651 Michelle Chipaloski, Director of Mathematics & Science (6-12)908-213-2453 Ryan Ditze, Director of Languange Arts/Fine & Performing Arts (6-12)908-213-2437 James Gonzales, Director of Social Studies, World Language, Career and Technical Education (6-12) 908-213-2557 Rosalie Mancino, Director of Elementary Language Arts, Social Studies, & World Language 908-213-2607 Debra Shelly, Director of Elementary Science, Mathematics, and G&T908-213-2609 Office of District Technology908-213-2465 Mike Cichocki, IT Manager Dawn Fisher, Technical Support Secretary Chris Josack, Lead Technician Albie Moran, Computer Technician Scott Drummond, Computer Technician Kyle Purdy, Computer Technician Tracy Urbina, Computer Technician Rosemary Rinker, Educational Technology Specialist908-213-2687 Title I Margie Markus908-213-2705 Office of the Business Administrator/Board Secretary908-213-2600 William A. Bauer, Business Administrator/Board Secretary Sandi Bedo, Secretary Maureen Broennle, Assistant Business Administrator 908-213-2602 Melissa Koehler, District Fiscal Specialist908-213-2652 Michele Coletti, Fiscal Specialist908-213-2608 James Mengucci, Director of Educational Facilities908-213-2492 John Olock, Director of School and Pupil Safety908-213-2683 Jill Best, Secretary908-213-2496 Christine Strawn, Accounts Payable908-213-2605 Vickie Brotzman, Payroll 908-213-2604 Jane Scheetz, Payroll908-213-2603 Carla Clark, Human Resources908-213-2454 Maria Piperato, Transportation Coordinator908-213-2606  Xerox908-213-2458
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