Central Office Directory

Phillipsburg School District Education Center
50 Sargent Avenue, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Office of the Superintendent X 1010
Gregory Troxell, Ed.D., Superintendent
  Lorraine Mainhart, Superintendent's Secretary X 1010
Central Office Reception Rick Nester X 1001
Central Registration Secretary Tammy Frank X 1000
Office of the Assistant Superintendent X 1013
Maureen Kehoe, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent
  Patti Pace, Secretary X 1014
  Tonette Simonetta, Secretary X 1020
Curriculum Directors  
  Michelle Chipaloski, Director of Mathematics & Science (6-12) X 1027
Ryan Ditze, Director of Language Arts/Fine &
Performing Arts (6-12)
X 1029 
James Gonzalez, Director of Social Studies,
World Language, Career and Technical Education (6-12) 
X 1028 
  Aubrey Pizzino, Director of Elementary Language Arts, Social Studies, Specials, and Induction Coordinator X 1025
  Stephanie Condon, Director of Elementary Science, Mathematics, and G & T X 1026
  Joann Bonnville, Ed.D., Director of Middle Level Curriculum & Instruction X 6033
Office of District Technology X 1510
Michael Cichocki, IT Manager
Kirby Hendershot, Educational Technology Specialist
X 1054
  Dawn Fisher, Technical Support Secretary  
  Chris Josack, Systems Administrator  
  Michael Codis, Technology Specialist   
  Daniel Davis, Technology Specialist  
  Ferhat Ferhatoglu, Technology Specialist  
  Kyle Purdy, Technology Specialist  
  Tracy Urbina, Technology Specialist  
Office of the Business Administrator/Board Secretary X 1100
Staci Horne,
Business Administrator/Board Secretary
  Terry Patti, Secretary X 1100
  Melissa Koehler, Assistant to the Business Administrator X 1112
  Christine Strawn, Accounts Payable X 1101
  Martine Cruce, Payroll X 1102
  Carla Clark, Human Resources X 1104
  Deborah Varga, Transportation Coordinator X 1106
Office of Educational Facilities X 1610
James Mengucci, Director of Educational Facilities
X 1611
  Ann Davis, Secretary X 1610 
Office of School and Public Safety X 1610
Robert Barsony, Director of School and Pupil Safety
X 1700
  Ann Davis, Secretary X 1610