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 Registration and Physical Information for
 2017-18 sports season
Physical forms below. 

            Fall PPE due by July 18th/  Re-eval (HHQ) due before July 13th

            Winter PPE due by Oct 21st / Re-eval (HHQ) due before Oct 14th 

            Spring PPE due by Feb 14th / Re-eval (HHQ) due before Feb. 10th 






Prior to participation on a school-sponsored interscholastic or intramural athletic team or squad, each student-athlete in grades six through 12 must present a completed pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE) form (attached)  to the School Nurse.  Important information regarding the PPE is provided below, and you should feel free to share with your child’s medical home health care provider.

1.       MANDATORY!!   The PPE may ONLY be completed by a licensed physician, advanced practice nurse (APN) or physician assistant  (PA)- that has completed the Student-Athlete Cardiac Assessment professional development module.  It is recommended that you verify that your medical provider has completed this module before scheduling an appointment for a PPE.

2.       The required PPE must be conducted within 365 days prior to the first official practice in an athletic season.

3.       The parent/guardian must complete the entire packet that is attached. (If the nurse has your physical on file and it is less than 365 days since your previous physical- see number 6). 

4.       The licensed physician, APN or PA who performs the physical examination must complete the remaining two pages of the PPE, and insert the date of the examination on the top of the Physical Examination form and the Clearance form.


a.       The top of each page with date of exam and personal information (name, etc.) is not filled in

b.      Blood pressure  and vision section is blank

c.       Signatures are missing (athlete and parents)

d.      Doctor’s signature is missing on any page (there are 3 areas for physicians signature- 4 if completing the School Medication         Authorization)

e.       Completed Cardiac Assessment is not signed by physician

6.       For student-athletes that had a medical examination completed more than 90 days prior to the first official practice in an athletic season, the Health History Update Questionnaire (HHQ) form must be completed, and signed by the student’s parent/guardian.  The HHQ must be reviewed by the school nurse, and if applicable, the school’s athletic trainer.

7.       Athletes and parents must register on Genesis.  More information will be available on this the end of May.



click here for forms

Re-evaluation Health History Update - 

If the physical on file in the school nurse's office for your child IS dated within 365 days of the start of practice, you are required to complete the Health History Update Questionnaire. This form must be submitted by hard copy and do not require your physician's signature, unless your child has sustained an injury or had a serious illness.

 Click here for form
ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS need to be met for high school athletes to be eligible to participate.  The NJSIAA requires that all high school students earn 30 credits in the previous school year to be eligible for fall and winter interscholastic sports and 15 credits in the first semester of the current school year to be eligible for spring sports.  Seniors not carrying enough classes to earn 15 credits must be passing all their classes and be on track for graduation. 
    Travel Release Forms
    National Collegiate Scouting Association
    Registration Form
    For additional Information on the college recruiting process see webpage-
    D confirming your registration. You can log into at any time to update your information and to check your registration(s).


SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE.  If you need assistance, call Family ID at 888-800-5583 X1. Support is available 7 days per week and messages will be returned promptly.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE INTERNET ACCESS, please call Joann Osifchin, Athletic Secretary, at 908-213-2493  to set up a time to come in to register or to receive paper copies of all the forms. 

To view the a copy of the PHS Student Athlete Handbook (Click Here)