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    Phillipsburg Education Foundation


         The Phillipsburg Education Foundation was started to insure that the student of today has the opportunities to succeed in the 21st century. The Board of Directors of the Foundation understands that learning is a life-long process and that knowledge is the foundation of understanding. We also know the Phillipsburg School District must continue to educate its students by providing opportunities for these students to become responsible and productive members of today’s society.

         The Phillipsburg Education Foundation is a recognized, independent, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the educational mission of the Phillipsburg School District. The Phillipsburg Education Foundation will seek to provide educational experiences and opportunities for students and teachers which would otherwise not be available through the general operating budget of the District. The Board of Directors serve as volunteers to the Foundation and receive no compensation for their work on behalf of the Foundation. All contributions are tax deductible in accordance with the Foundation’s 501(c) (3) status.
    For additional information, please email Mrs. Horne at horne.staci@pburgsd.net