• Office of District Technology Staff Directory
     Michael Cichocki IT Manager 908-454-3400
     Dawn Fisher Technical Support Secretary  
     Chris Josack Lead Technician
     Dan Davis Computer Technician
    Ferhat FerhatogluComputer Technician
     Albie Moran        Computer Technician 
    Kyle Purdy Computer Technician
    Tracy Urbina Computer Technician
    Rosemary Rinker Educational Technology Specialist

    Tech Requests To request Tech Support simply send an email to TechSupport@pburgsd.net.  Please indicate the building and room number in the subject of the email, followed by a brief description of the issue.  (MS-B219-Broken Printer).  In the body of the email you can go into further detail about this issue. All emails sent to TechSupport@pburgsd.net will go into the Technology Work Order System where the request will be assigned to a Technician, and dealt with in a timely manner.