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Phillipsburg School District Request for Proposals

The Phillipsburg School District is requesting RFP's for the following: (1) Curriculum Audit for Elementary Curriculum K-5 (all subjects) & Middle School Science, (2) Professional Development in Writer's Workshop, (3) Math Program & Professional Development for K-5, (4) Individualized English Language Arts & Mathematics Intervention/Enrichment Program Grades 6-8 & Grade Level Digital Courseware for all Subject Areas Grades 6-12, (5) Supplemental ELA Curriculum & Professional Development to Support English Language Learners and (6) Multisensory Literacy Program with a focus on Foundational Skills.


This COVID Cheat sheet will help you decide what action needs to be taken if your student has COVID symptoms, is a close contact, test positive or negative for COVID-19 and/or travels.
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