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This COVID Cheat sheet will help you decide what action needs to be taken if your student has COVID symptoms, is a close contact, test positive or negative for COVID-19 and/or travels.

2021-2022 Phillipsburg School District Assessment Schedule

New Jersey school districts, charter schools, and renaissance school projects are required by statute (N.J.S.A. 18A: 7C-6.6) to annually notify parents or guardians by October 1 or within 30 days of any additional statewide student assessment or commercially developed standardized assessment that will be administered over the course of the school year. Once specific details for each test become available, the chart will be updated to reflect so.

Mask Guidance at BOE Meetings

Per Department of Education mandate -- all Board members and the public are required to be masked at Board of Education meetings.

Our Best Team

The Phillipsburg School District, located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, has enjoyed a long heritage of educational commitment to its children. For over one hundred years, our schools have provided safe, healthy, competitive, and rewarding school environments for our students. We encourage our children to be active learners so that they may grow and be able to apply their knowledge to experience a life full of the joys of learning. School spirit, pride in the community, and the pursuit of excellence are integral parts of our system.
The district serves students from the Town of Phillipsburg and five sending communities at the secondary level: Alpha, Bloomsbury, Greenwich, Lopatcong and Pohatcong Townships. Phillipsburg is the largest community in Warren County.
It has a population of 16,000 people and an area of 3.2 square miles on the Delaware River. The Phillipsburg School District serves approximately 3500 students.
There are two elementary schools, a middle school, high school, and an early childhood center. Administrative offices and the district technology department are located in the PSD Education Center/Board of Education. The office of Special Services is located at 712 So. Main St. in the Andover Morris Building.   The Phillipsburg Early Childhood Learning Center serves Preschool and Kindergarten students. Phillipsburg Primary School serve grades one and two. Phillipsburg Elementary School house grades three, four and five. The Phillipsburg Middle School serves students in grades six, seven and eight, and ninth through twelfth graders attend Phillipsburg High School.
Busing is provided for over 1517 Phillipsburg students on 44 routes and 767 students from the sending districts. Elementary school students who live more than two miles from school are bused, and at the high school level more than 2.5 miles from school. Students who are bused represents more than half of the total school population.
The Phillipsburg School District stresses high academic standards for all students at both the elementary and secondary levels. Additionally, there is a wide array of extra-curricular organizations and sports to help develop a student's leadership abilities and team-building skills. Student generated quality work drives every decision made in the district, starting with board policy through curriculum revision and staff development programs.

District Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Information

According to New Jersey Education Statute 18A:37-15,
"School districts shall adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying on school property, at a school-sponsored function, or on a school bus."
District Anti-bullying Coordinator
Dr. Maureen Kehoe  
(908) 454-3400 X 1020
*Click Here for the District HIB Forms including:
Written Report Form for Submittal to Principal
Investigation Report Form - Pupil Accused
Interview Information Statement Form
*PSD  Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Anonymous Reporting Form
This form will be read on the next scheduled school day.
If this is an emergency please contact your local police department immediately.
  • Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    The Phillipsburg School District, a proud and diverse learning community with a strong sense of tradition, ensures all students are afforded a safe, nurturing, and secure environment, while providing them with opportunities to be engaged in a rigorous and enriching program of study designed to prepare them for college and career. Mastery of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards empowers our graduates to become effective, lifelong learners and contributing members of their communities, representing the ideals of the Stateliner family.