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Profile of the Graduate

Our Vision
The graduate of Phillipsburg High School will be a creative, independent, lifelong learner successful in applying what he or she learned to everyday life and making positive contributions to the community. These goals will be achieved through:
Academic Performance
• Obtains proficiency in the New Jersey Core Curriculum and Common Core State Standards, State and National Assessments
• Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively
• Acquires, analyzes and evaluates the source and reliability of information
• Demonstrates strong organizational and time management skills
21st Century Citizenship
• Demonstrates respect, integrity, thoughtfulness
• Develops individual responsibility and is accountable for one's own actions
• Communicates effectively
• Utilizes appropriate and current technology
• Exhibits social skills: peer interaction, conflict resolution, tolerance, self-esteem and leadership
Lifelong Learning
• Approaches life with creativity, ingenuity and curiosity
• Applies acquired knowledge to everyday life
• Establishes a rewarding career
• Continues education
• Contributes to their communities