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Business Staff Directory

Staci Horne
Business Administrator & Board Secretary
Responsibilities: Oversees All Business Office Duties & Facilities, Transportation, Cafeteria Services
Email Email Staci Horne    Phone (908) 454-3400 X1100
Melissa Koehler
Assistant to the Business Administrator
Responsibilities: Account Information & Flexible Spending
Email Email Melissa Koehler    Phone (908) 454-3400 X1112
Terry Patti
Responsibilities: Board Agendas, Lunch Applications, Ed Data, Facilities Scheduler
Email Email Terry Patti    Phone (908) 454-3400 X1100
Jennifer Merrick & JoAnn Stettner
Responsibilities: Staff Salaries & Contracts, Payroll Issues & Changes, Pension, Bill Forms, Summer Pay, Life & Disability Insurance, Direct Deposit and Tax Shelters-403B (OMNI)
Chris Strawn
Accounts Payable
Responsibilities: Purchase Orders/Checks and Packing Slips
Lynn Olah
Fiscal Specialist
Responsibilities: Student Activities/Cafeteria Accounting and Tuition Contracts
Carla Clark
Responsibilities: Medical & Dental Benefits, Staff Attendance, FMLA & Sick Bank, Workers Comp, Employment Verification (Loans, Mortgages, etc.) and Address Changes
Connie Ross
Responsibilities: Bus Routes, After School Trips, Field Trips, All Bus Issues
Tammy Gargone
Responsibilities: Register District Students & McKinney Vento