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SGO Information

A Student Growth Objective is a long-term academic goal that teachers set for groups of students and must be:
  • Specific and Measurable
  • Aligned to New Jersey's curriculum
  • Based on available prior student learning data
  • A measure of student learning between two points in time
  • A collaborative process between teacher and supervisor
  • Approved by your building principal and certified by the Superintendent


 How Do SGO's count towards my summative evaluation?

Two types of SGO's:
1. General: Captures a significant proportion of the students and key standards important to the course or subject area; Most teachers will set this type
2. Specific: Focuses on a particular subgroup of students and/or a particular content area or skill
Will be used by those whose general SGO already includes all of their students, or those that receive a SGP

Points to Consider when making SGO:
Try to include the most students and the most curriculum as possible
Make decisions based on your instruction
Clump students across by standards and tier the scale

What does a 1,2,3,&4 Mean?
If 75-85% of students are meeting the target = 3 = Considerable impact on student learning


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