District and Board of Education Goals


Phillipsburg School District Board of Education Goals 2021-2022

  • Create an ad hoc committee of the Board to examine long-term policies and practices in diversity in personnel hires.
  • Continued professional development by participating in NJSBA workshops, seminars, and county meetings, as well as attendance at professional development sessions to be held at regular and/or special meetings of the Phillipsburg Board of Education, either in-person or via remote participation.
  • Engage in a Policy Wellness Check and continuously review and discuss bylaws and policies to ensure they are up-to-date.

Phillipsburg School District Goals 2021-2022

  • To promote high levels of student achievement for all by providing access to authentic learning experiences, building connections to prior and future learning across disciplines; by fostering student agency through choice and opportunities for reflection, self-assessment, and self-monitoring; and by developing supports for student success by using formative assessment to gather data regarding student mastery.
  • To cultivate and sustain a positive school climate and culture that creates the necessary conditions for teaching and learning that will lead to increased student engagement, attendance, student achievement, and success.
  • To ensure the health and safety of ALL students and staff members in the Phillipsburg School District by maintaining healthy and safe learning environments that promote excellent academic achievement.
  • To ensure that equity is the foundation that frames every aspect of the educational system within our district, is shared across education stakeholders and that school leaders approach every decision, practice, and policy with an equity lens.