District Forms


Directions for completing PSD Forms:

1. It's recommended to use Google as your browser. Click on the form link below.
2. Download the form. Choose where you want it saved and name the file.  
    Close the web page.
4. Fill in your form. You may need to click on file and choose save as. Name the document the same name and choose replace, if necessary. Email a copy of your form to your administrator.
**The downloaded pdf NEEDS to be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for the form to work.  If your pdf does not have the Adobe icon, Adobe PDF Icon right click over the existing icon and choose open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.**
See below for the forms links.  Please read the following additional information for each form.
Conference Request Form Information All Conference Request forms must be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent according to the schedule below after they have been approved by your Director and/or Building Principal. Be Certain to review the important dates document below.
Field Trip Form Information
Please be advised all field trip request forms should now be sent to email: [email protected]. This email will be checked twice a day. Once in the morning and once late in the afternoon. If you have a field trip that needs to be on the board agenda please make sure it is submitted to this email with plenty of time to get on the agenda. If you have any questions please feel free to call x1106 or email [email protected] 
*Please note, if you are a high school teacher requesting a field trip you must first send the form to John Stillo and he will then take care of getting it to [email protected]
Sharp Referral Form Information Follow the directions above HOWEVER, please print the form and send it in a sealed envelope to the student's counselor with any additional documentation you have to support the SHARP referral.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy Craig at [email protected] 
Credit Reimbursement 
Form Information
Follow the directions at the top of this page and submit to your principal for their signature and submission to the Superintendent.
PSD Fund Raising Request Forms

Follow the directions above, review guidelines and submit to your principal for their signature and submission to the Superintendent.


Guidelines to be followed for the sale of products in order to raise funds:

  1. The sale price of the item shall be reasonable.
  2. The profit per item shall not be exorbitant.
  3. Only reputable vendors will be chosen as suppliers.
  4. Articles must be of high quality and have appea to the consumer.
  5. The purpose of the fundraising activity should be the type that board funds would not normally cover.
  6. Please be specific in indicating the areas of solicitation such as: which schools, parts of the town or townships, if door to door solicitation is, a plan should be devised to insure that households are not dolicited by several sellers of the same item.
  7. All transactions and accounting of funds must be approved by the building principal.
  8. The application must be submitted to the superintendent 3 weeks before the fundraising activity begins.


Forms and Information for Conference Requests:
Forms and Information for Field Trip Requests:
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