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Middle School Fine Arts Department

Phillipsburg Middle School Fine Arts Department

General Art Overview

There are a variety of art themes and topics that are discussed within this course that included but are not limited to:

  • Drawing that includes observation of details, horizon and depth concepts, and figure drawing
  • Design which includes color theory, geometric design, and creativity exercises
  • Painting including two and three dimensional, design, and crafts
  • Art appreciation which consists of lectures and worksheets designed to expose students to a number of famous artists and their accomplishments

General Music Overview


Students will be exposed to a wide range of musical concepts and skills, with the goal of providing students with a well-rounded musical background. First, the elements of rhythm and pitch will be studied. Students will read and play rhythm patterns, and identify note values. Students will also learn the names of the notes on the staff and be able to play simple songs on a keyboard. Pitch and rhythm skills will also be taught through singing and games. Second, students will identify and learn about instruments of the orchestra. Demonstrations will be given on each of the instruments and students will be responsible for identifying the instruments by seeing and hearing them. Third, the elements of music, such as tone color, dynamics, tempo, form, harmony, melody, and style will be defined and studied. Through "hands on" activities, students will understand how these elements play a large role in music. Students will also be encouraged to develop their musical skills through the composition of short musical pieces on the keyboards and percussion instruments. Finally, music appreciation will be covered through listening lessons. Students will be made aware of the importance of various composers in the music field.